Announcement – Following discussions and consultations with the membership begun at the 2014 AGM – as of November 2014 the Group will now be known as “Transition Exmouth”. The former acronym “TTE” will now be phased out – pending agreement on a new one.


Welcome to Transition Exmouth, a group dedicated to tackling the dual crisis of Peak Oil and Climate Change. We are a group of people dedicated to Exmouth, and to finding ways of rebuilding the local resilience of the town. You can find out more about us or read some of the topical stories from our most recent newsletter.


 For information on upcoming events please see our Calendar….


Tree planting March 8th 2014 in Exmouth. 30 more trees planted, including 10 Hazel Nut… Watch out for Squirrel population explosion! (in 10 years time)

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